Conflict is Creative

Conflict can be destructive, of course, which is why opportunities for resolving conflict are important. Litigation is one method, and can be the right method.  Mediation may become the method for resolution when the dispute demands company or personal resources, time, and money, risk.  Mediation provides time to focus on the issues or experience that gave rise to the lawsuit/dispute.  A mediator can help parties understand one another’s perspective (which is different from agreement with the other's perspective).  Once you understand what caused the conflict—why the person filed suit/is dissatisfied—and what is at stake for your negotiating partner, and yourself, you can explore solutions tailored to each other’s interests.  In other words, inside the conflict is its unique solution.  This is what makes conflict creative:  we can use it to understand the problem at its core and what might solve it, for good.

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