Curriculum Vitae

Since 2006, Mary has worked as a mediator, through ReSOLVE and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing Dispute Resolution Division.  In 2012, she became a full-time neutral, and has mediated over 500 cases, with a high level of success.  Mary is a member of respected mediation panels, including the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, various superior court panels, and ADRVantage, a provider of private mediation services based on the East Coast.  

Mary worked as an attorney for over twenty years, handling all aspects of civil litigation. She tried cases in state and federal court, including Betts v. United Airlines, Inc., 246 F. 3d 672 (9th Cir. 2000), a jury verdict upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as appearing labor arbitrations, administrative hearings, mediations.  Mary has significant experience as Plaintiff's counsel and has defended labor and other cases, including a wage and hour class action.  Throughout her practice, she has valued excellent communication and client relationships.  

Mary could not stay away from the University of Michigan, attending first for an undergraduate degree in English/Russian, with Highest Honors, and coming back after living in California for a year to graduate from the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor.  There, she co-published an article on the constitutionality of certain arrests under the First Amendment at 1 Michigan Journal of Gender and Law 135 (1994), and was named Best Advocate in her Trial Practice Seminar.  She brings her down-to-earth Midwestern warmth and sensibility into mediations. 

Early resolutions are a speciality for ReSOLVE.  Mary has successfully assisted with the resolution of many early claims, prior to filing and prior to the initiation or completion of discovery.  In this context, Mary enjoys working with employers and employees to facilitate/mediate the interactive process associated with requests for accommodation of disabilities under state and federal law, before there is a need for a lawsuit.  She also assists with early resolutions of sensitive, emotionally-charged cases of sexual harassment and sexual torts in both the public and private sectors.