Mary founded ReSOLVE, a dispute resolution practice, to pursue her passion of helping people emerge from conflict to move forward in their lives.  Having mediated over 500 cases, she has a proven track record of working successfully with attorneys and other participants in mediation to achieve lasting settlement agreements.  During mediation, Mary is guided by the participants’ goals and tailors her approach to meet those goals, while exercising experienced judgment of what works to achieve an agreement acceptable to everyone involved.  One client expressed it this way, "Mary has the perfect blend of empathy and knowing how to get the case settled."

After twenty years as a successful attorney, Mary was drawn to help clients resolve their cases by working with them as a mediator.  ReSOLVE is built on the excellent client relationships Mary nurtured during her law practice: connecting well with people from diverse backgrounds, understanding each person's perspective and goals, creative problem-solving, strong analytical skills, persistence.   

Mary specializes in conflicts arising out of the employment relationship, which have included race, sex, age, national origin, disability and religious discrimination cases, sexual harassment cases, and labor matters.  Mary assists in disputes at any stage—before the conflict becomes a lawsuit, before a case has been filed, and after the filing of a lawsuit.  Other mediated cases have included multi-party harassment cases, wage and hour class actions, contract fraud, personal injury, and sexual torts.  Pre-filing mediations have included facilitating and resolving  interpersonal conflicts between employees, allegations of discrimination in the workplace, and the interactive process/requests for accommodation of a disability.  

Mary works throughout California and maintains a a national mediation practice, including Title IX cases regarding allegations of sexual harassment/assault, and an international mediation practice, mediating cases under several Hague conventions and as a volunteer for Mediators Beyond Borders, United Nations Women’s Initiative.